Tailored Technology for People who Help

You want to make a difference not manage IT infrastructure. Obodo helps non-profits, especially those dealing with homelessness, addiction and reentry, to streamline their data, outcome and training systems so that they can focus on relationships rather than minutia.

We're Changing the Way You Build Relationships

Meaningful relationships are the cornerstone of effective service. We help you to build those relationships by simplifying the way that information, training and reporting are handled. We take that a step further and equip you with a simple kit of tools to communicate more effectively, and include everyone in the conversation.

Streamlined Processes

Data management and case management have been hopelessly intertwined for too long. Our streamlined processes liberate your data from your case management processes allowing you to see your outcomes in a whole new light.

Integrated Learning

Learning is everything, especially for those seeking to affect change. Obodo's integrated learning platform empowers you to distribute your learning to anyone you're serving or is serving with you. Think participants, volunteers, staff.

Simple Reporting

What good is your data if it doesn't move the needle on the most pressing issues you and your clients face? Obodo's tailored one-click reports give you unprecedented and actionable access to your most critical asset - your data.

ObodoHub Features

ObodoHub is the best way for you to connect with your community whether that includes a couple of volunteers and a dozen participants or thousands of clients over several states. Each of the modules below reflect a different way in which we equip you to meet the needs of your community and use technology to make your organization more effective.

Case Management

Keeping track of all the details of a specific case can be difficult. Notes, projects, workflows and events allow you to keep things organized - simply.

Learning Management

Our integrated learning management system assures accurate and repeatable learning opportunities for all types of learners.

Member Profiles

Every member of your organization deserves their own profile and we deliver with customizable and detailed profiles for all types of members.

Informational Dashboards

Our tailored dashboards keep your most important metrics front and center to ensure that everyone knows what is happening within your organization

Social Networking

Bringing people together and sharing experiences create new opportunities. Our social networking features allow users to share in new and exciting ways.

Integrated Analytics

Information is only relevant if its easy to understand and act upon. Our simple to use analytics platform allows you to dig deep within your data to really understand what's happening in your organization.

Data Collection

Collecting data can be a messy affair. Our fully customizable forms and fields allow you to collect all the data in all the different ways you need to ensure that no detail is left behind. Use the analytics and reporting features to analyze the data later.

Fully Customizable

Your program is unique and doesn't look like very other program out there. We understand that and allow you to customize every feature of the platform to fit the way you and your team work and your specific needs

Frequently Asked Questions

What Others Are Saying

Obodo and ObodoHub have really helped to make the transition from another data management system seamless. They have worked closely with us every step of the way and helped to reframe some of our processes and reporting procedures to make our entire program work more smoothly.

The Obodo team really invested the time with our organization and helped us to adapt ObodoHub to exactly what we needed not what they were selling. The platform has allowed us to scale up our operations from serving 240 per year to serving over 300 without additional staff and within the parameters of our existing budget.

My team consists of four case-managers and more than 30 volunteers in three different offices across the state. With ObodoHub, we have the same tools as a bigger organization. This affords us the opportunity to do more with less. The best part is being able to get my grant reports done in just a few hours instead of a few days!

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We're excited to help you take your organization to the next level!

About Us

We see a world in which every group of people gathered together in service to humanity has the tools they need to more effectively enact their mission in-turn assuring that every person in the community who has a need is able to receive those services when they need them.

Obodo equips small to medium-sized organizations with the technological tools they need to improve performance within their organization and outcomes for their constituents.

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